The thermoplastic polyester-Cast-binding KOBRA CAST Art is the ultimate innovation – for stage and makeup artist, artists, and artisans, architects and model makers and hobbyists and decorators who do not want to further restrict through materials such as plaster bandages or Styrofoam in their creation of art itself .

The creative material of flexible polyester knit fabric is activated by heat, is perfectly modeled, extremely stable after curing, but can always be reshaped and corrected by heat, is extremely lightweight, and easy to use clean, economical in use and extremely versatile.
Information about KOBRA CAST Art
Activation by heat (from about 70 ° C) within a few minutes
Processing time up to 4 minutes
Material hardens within 15 minutes of complete and can then be further processed
After curing, as often activated
Reshaped Simple, safe and clean handling
Absolutely free of potentially harmful isocyanates and glass fibers
Excellent modeling properties for fine detailed work and Reliefabformungen
Waterproof and weather resistant, making it suitable for outdoor use
Surface provides support for common-use paints, varnishes, foils and laminating compositions
Material structure provides air permeability as well as an excellent balance between stability and weight
High impact and compressive strength
No unusable remnants
Waste can be disposed of to landfill in accordance with national regulations
At least 3 year shelf-stable, even without packaging


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