Have a Selfie with Heaven’s Forge Promotion Terms and Conditions:

Discount voucher of $5 is single use only, one per person.
In order to receive the discount voucher, customers must take a “selfie” with a staff member at Heaven’s Forge durin convention hours at Armageddon Expo on the 19th and 20th of September, 2013, and post it to their instagram account with the tag #heavensforge.
Voucher is valid for 4 months, until the 20th of February, 2014. Expired vouchers will not be honoured, and vouchers may not be used by more than one person, single use only. A received voucher may be gifted to another person, however only one voucher is allowed per transaction. A person may not use a second voucher even if it is gifted to them.
Heaven’s Forge reserves the right to refuse the promotion at their discretion to any participant, and no discussion will be entered into. (That is, however very unlikely, something that must be stated ❤ )


Do you have a Fan Page for your cosplay work? Want to win prizes and Make cool things? This competition is for you!

Heaven’s Forge is looking for an excellent costumer or cosplayer  to represent us for three months, as well as make something super cool with some Worbla’s Finest Art!

In order to be Elligible, you need to have the following things:
A Facebook Fanpage for your Costuming/Cosplay efforts
An Awesome, well filled out competition entry form
Some pics you’re willing to share with us that you have permission to use

We’ll be sharing the Entries on Facebook, and sharing our page will be part of the conditions of entry- But spamming won’t be required, so please keep it to only 3 posts a week, we don’t want your fans to become bothered! Taking care of this and posting about your progress will be part of the conditions of winning, so please make sure you’re the dedicated sort!

Why, you might ask, do I need to be dedicated? Well, the prize pack includes 3 XL Sheets of Worbla’s Finest Art, A Meter of Kobracast and 200 grams of Worbla’s Deco Art!
And if you win that prize, you’ll need to make something completely amazeballs with it.
In fact, since that’s part of the conditions, with your prize you’ll need to document what you make and share regular updates with your fans to help promote yourself and Heaven’s Forge. And then have a super fun photoshoot with the outfit you create afterwards. You’ll have three months to do that in, so it’s not such a rush, either. Gosh, life is hard ;D

And hey, we’ll be sharing your page regularly ourselves to help promote you, too, so it’s a big win for everyone involved 😀

So check out the entry form, fill it out and enter if you want to!

Terms and Conditions are available at the bottom of the entry form information, so please scroll down and make sure you’re ok with these conditions since we assume if you enter that you agree to these terms.

Competition Entries will be accepted between 01/09/2013 from midnight in your area, and will close again on the 30/09/2013 at Midnight. Entries date stamped outside of that time will not be accepted.

Questions about the entry process or don’t understand the form? Please email us! (But make sure you read it all first :P)

Please follow this link for the entry form, and email your entry to to enter once you’re ready!

Face of Heavens Forge Entry Form


3 thoughts on “Promotions

    • Hi Courtney!
      Yes, we will hold regular promotions. The schedule for Face of Heaven’s Forge competition has yet to be decided, although we think we may run it twice a year at this stage. Thank you for stopping by!
      Heaven’s Forge

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