Worbla’s Finest Art

Heaven’s Forge for Vitae Clothing is proud to present:

Worbla’s Finest Art thermoplastic!


For the first time in Australia you are now able to order Worbla’s Finest Art, the amazing Thermoplastic product revolutionising costuming for costumers all over the world.

Using hot air, water or steam (min 90°C) to heat this plastic makes it moldable into almost any shape.

The material is alterable by heat any time, solvent-free manufactured & to process.
Conditioned left over pieces can be blended to 100%, so there is almost no waste at all.
These leftovers can be moulded together like putty.

It hardens very quickly, is sandable and because of the extra glue on the shiny side, it is very easy to attach the several layers.

You can work with multiple layers, attach ornaments or line thinner parts with Worbla’s Finest Art.

So much is possible with this incredible, versatile product; Masks, Armor, Prop weapons and more! It’s varnishable, paintable, can be used with plastic primers and other base coats, and gives an incredible level of detail and professional finish.

This item ships within Australia and New Zealand only. For overseas purchase please pm us and we will give you your closest vendor of Worbla’s Finest Art.

Please see our webstore for available range:
Worbla’s Finest art on AetasVitae

Worblas Finest Art Heaven's Forge

Worblas Finest Art Heaven’s Forge


XL (1m x 1.5m) – $80
Shipping: $13.50

XL Bulk Pack (4-6 Sheets) – $78 per sheet
Shipping: $20

XL Super Bulk (6-10 sheets) – $75 per sheet
Shipping: Post code required; usually $31

L (1m x .75m) – $50
Shipping: $12.45

M (.75m x .5m) – $30
Shipping: $8.00

S (.5m x .375m) – $20
Shipping: $6.00

Mask Kits: $15
Shipping: $1.20

And purchases made in person do not incur a shipping charge.
Any purchases where the postage is not used will have the shipping refunded.

We reserve the right to change these prices at any time (but we’ll definitely notify you of the changes here and on our website if that’s something that happens! It most likely won’t.)

We will also have available information sheets for Worbla’s Finest Art on our website later tonight for those interested to see exact specifications.

Thank you for shopping with Heaven’s Forge, we’re so pleased to be able to bring you these products and work together with you all!


shop: www.aetasvitae.bigcartel.com


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