Working with Worbla’s Finest Art

In order to work with Worbla’s Finest art, there ware a few things you will need.

Fortunately, they are relatively cheap and easy to get access to, so it shouldn’t dent your budget too much if you are on one.

For heating Worbla’s Finest Art:

There are a few methods recommended for heating Worbla’s Finest art. These include using a Heat Gun tool, or an oven to heat the Worbla. Most people have access to an oven in their house, however for larger projects this becomes less than ideal and we recommend visiting your local hardware store to invest in a heat gun- they range in price from $20-$150, but usually the inexpensive version more than suffices.

For handling Worbla’s Finest Art while hot:

Make sure you have a heat-safe surface to work with the Worbla on, and always ensure that the Worbla has cooled down enough to be picked up by hand when using it. Since it requires pretty high temperatures to become soft it’s important to take care of your skin too! Thermoplastics translate heat into flexibility and will hold on to heat for a little while so please be careful not to burn yourself.
(We know this sounds a bit patronising, but we have to say it anyway to cover everyone’s proverbial butts ;D)

Painting Worbla’s Finest Art:

When you’re finished shaping and crafting with the Finest Art and it’s set, you’ll probably want to coat your work with some paint. It’s best to use a paint primer for plastic before painting, which is also available from your local hardware store relatively inexpensively.
It’s also best to use Acrylic Paints, or varnish on Worbla to prevent chipping, and coat your finished paint job with some clear varnish to seal it all in. There are both Matte and Shine finishes available in clear varnish.

(We’ll update this page as new tips and tricks become available.)


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